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Call For Criminalization of Criticism of Homosexuality

Scrapping the free speech safeguard would outlaw negative opinion about homosexual conduct. This would result in prosecution of Christians and others who make statements opposing homosexuality.

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EU-US agree to share citizens bank data

US President Barack Obama on Thursday praised a deal between the United States and the European Union to share banking data as a key tool in the fight against terror.

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EU: Let’s ensure division of Jerusalem

European leaders plan to publicly demand next week that Israel’s capital be cut in two, to be divided between the Jewish state and the non-existent state of "Palestine."

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Climategate: The fraud of climate science and the use for global governance.


Daily Express Paper: CLIMATE CHANGE “FRAUD”

Climate scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down

Penn State Professor also under investigation

Inhofe Asks Boxer to Probe Potential Scientific ‘Conspiracy’

Australia’s Parliament defeats global warming bill

‘It’s all unravelling now’…

North Texas Wakes to Big Snowflakes…

Climategate: ‘Scientific establishment hopelessly compromised’

White House still […]

EU: Settlement activity in East Jerusalem threatens two-state solution

The European Union on Wednesday joined the chorus of international criticism of an Israeli plan to build hundreds of new housing units in East Jerusalem, saying the move hampered talks over the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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EU President Blair ‘within weeks’

TONY Blair is set to be made the first President of Europe in weeks, The Sun can reveal.

He will be nominated by EU leaders in Brussels if, as expected, Ireland backs the hated Lisbon Treaty in tomorrow’s referendum.


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Netanyahu urges tougher Iran sanctions, but EU wants to wait

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday the time had come for tougher sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, but the European Union believes such a move is best left until after negotiations.

At the moment we’re looking towards the possibility of a meeting between the Iranians and the 3+3 (U.S., Russia, China, […]

Europe raises pressure on Israel to stop settlements

JERUSALEM, July 21 (Reuters) – Germany, France and EU president Sweden on Tuesday joined Western nations pressing Israel to stop building settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank under a U.S.-led effort to resume stalled peace talks.

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Europeans funding ‘Breaking the Silence’

A day after releasing a damning report on Operation Cast Lead, and amid accusations that it is operating without transparency, the group Breaking the Silence on Thursday presented The Jerusalem Post with its donor list for the year 2008, which included several European governments.

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EU retracts criticism of Israeli settlements

The European Commission on Thursday backtracked on its unusually harsh criticism of Israeli settlements, declaring that a statement released earlier this week did not reflect the commission’s position.

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