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Basics 15 – The Happiness of God



Understanding God

Lesson Fifteen:  The Happiness of God

God is happy.  His happiness is an intrinsic part of who He is.  He was happy in eternity past, He is happy now, and He will be happy for all eternity.  There never was a time when He was not happy.  His happiness, like all of His other attributes, is infinite and absolute.  It is not subject to fluctuation.  It can neither increase nor decrease.  God did not attain His happiness, nor can He ever lose it.  It is an integral part of His being and has been so from eternity past.  Because God is absolute, infinite, and eternal, His happiness is absolute, infinite, and eternal.  God does not depend on anything external to Himself as a source of happiness.  He does not even need to do anything to keep His happiness.  God’s happiness has no need of sustenance or maintenance.  He is the God of perfect, absolute, and infinite well-being…

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