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Egypt men tell reporter they want to behead them

162433513An ABC News reported Brian Hartman was threatened by angry Egyptian men to beheading. After a short interview with one of the men who says they hate Americans because “they are not good”.  Paraphrasing here, “and because so we want to hurt you”.

I have said this over many years that the religion of Islam is not one of peace but one of force, rage and hate. Egypt in my view I see falling to a tyrannical form of government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The Muslim Brotherhood has said it wants to prepare Egyptians for war with Israel and that the peace deal with Israel will come to and end. This would not be the first time for Egypt to go up against Israel in war and the Muslim Brotherhood want nothing more than all out war with Israel.

President Obama on the front doesn’t seem to know what to do. But let no one be confused supporting the protests at this point is almost a guarantee of a tyrannical government in Egypt and war with Israel. One would question why the President didn’t offer more support to the government of Egypt knowing full well any over throw of the government will mean war with Israel. But I digress.

The people of Egypt seem to have a burning rage and anger and you can bet on someone stepping up and pointing the finger someway somehow towards Israel such as the Muslim Brotherhood already has. I ponder if the USA will then step up to support Israel at that point or if it will then too tuck tail and run. The police who are normally rather brutal in Egypt have become outright insane. [WARNING disturbing content] This is a video of the police driving down a street running people over and not even slowing down. Here is another. This is the perfect example of what happens in a police state. People are worthless to the ones in power.

Granted this is not exactly the same thing, however nine months ago in this video a teen burglar who submits to police is hit by a police car and then beaten very badly by some twelve police officers. While some say he got what he had coming, these are the professionals in law enforcement. The police are not the judge and as more people start to accept this kind of behavior from the police you can expect the the government in the USA to do the very same things other nations have done once the police state takes over. 

A nation without God is a nation full of anger, rage and hate.