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Obama didn’t know Radical Islam wanted control of Egypt

israel obama knife in the back inFaced with criticisms over its muddled response to the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, the White House has revealed that President Obama last August ordered a secret report that concluded that without sweeping political reform, the Middle East and North Africa were ripe for revolution.

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Sounds to me the White House would rather look like they are the biggest morons on the planet rather than admit that’s exactly what they wanted, Radical Control in Egypt. Can’t say I’m surprised, now the USA is going to go against Israel at the U.N.

It’s a matter of time my friends. This nation is nearing the end. When the big ones fall, they fall hard and fast. Just ask the British empire or the Romans while your at it. To think this nation is to big to fall, is pure fantasy. Brothers, do not fear these things must first come before the return. Keep looking up.

At World War II, the British Empire fell and handed over the world power to the U.S.A.  Now I believe this world power will be handed over to the next owner. I don’t believe the next owner will be another client nation. Rather one of a darker side. The Next client nation I believe will be Israel herself. While the world goes against her.