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Where Did Cain Get His Wife?

This is a question that evolutionist use to try and stump Christians and make them believe that there is no credibility to the book of Genesis. However, it demonstrates three things about evolutionists. 1. They simply repeat things that they hear from other evolutionists about the Bible while being ignorant of the matter themselves. 2. They do not understand the gene make up of humans. 3. They assume that all things from the beginning were the same as they are today.

In the movie “Contact” which was based on Athiests/Evolutionists Carl Sagans book of the same title this question was asked of a Christian. Of course, in the movie and the book he couldn’t give an answer so the viewer went away thinking that there was no answer and therefore doubt was implanted in the minds of people about the existence of God, Jesus Christ, salvation, the gospel, the resurrection etc. Carl Sagan knew full well what the answer was but it was his intent to decieve. The answer to this question has been published in numerous Christian publications for many years. In addition, a simple reading of the Bible and a bit of logic will provide the answer.

In Genesis 5:4 is says …”and he (Adam) begot sons and daughters”. Cain married his sister of course. Who else would he marry. All of the people that existed at that time were decendants of Adam and Eve. Today we cannot marry close relativies because of the danger of deformed offspring caused by the match up of defective genes. The more closely related parents are the more likely the defective genes are to match up.

Since genes are inherited from the parents brothers and sisters are more likely to have similar mistakes in their genes. The more distant the parents are the less likely they are to have similar mistakes on the genes. Since Adam and Eve were created perfect with no defective genes It would have taken hundreds or perhaps a couple of thousand years for the defective genes to add up enough to cause any significant deformaties. Genetic mistakes started because of the curse God placed on man and the earth as a result of the fall from the garden of Eden.

It wasn’t until the time of Moses (Leviticus 18-20) that God made the law against brother and sister marriage. Therefore, incest was not sinful at the time Cain married his sister. In fact, it would have been necessary for all of the sons of Adam to marry their sisters in order to carry out Gods order to “be fruitful and multiply”