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Jesus Christ Controls History

Thoughts on National Reversion and the Pivot of Mature Believers

By John McReynolds

In this political season of 2008, it seems that more people than ever before are engaged in the political process.  Partisans of every political persuasion tell us that the stakes have never been higher; that the results of this election could well determine whether our nation as we know it will continue to exist, or morph into a country that we cannot even recognize.  Recent generations of Americans have had a tendency to ascribe American greatness to the American people, instead of giving the sole credit to God. All that has been good in our land has ultimately come from Him—even the timeless principles that our founding fathers incorporated into our Constitution had their origin in God’s revealed Law.  And all that has been bad in our land has ultimately stemmed from our rebellion against Him.

The problem has always been in the souls of the American people.  Any nation that exists, exists only at the sovereign pleasure of the Lord Jesus Christ; it is He who controls history, both in its details, as well as its trends.  With respect to the Lord’s control of history I firmly believe the following:

 1.    In history God raises up nations that—initially at least—are aligned with His purpose and will.  This alignment with His will and purpose is expressed, not so much in the actions and policies of its leaders, but rather in the collective mindset of its citizenry—which is what defines its culture.  The nation or nations that are aligned with His purpose and will, serve as His client nation among all the nations of the earth, by providing a place for the protection and nurturing of the Gospel, a platform for world evangelism, and a haven for His dispersed people Israel—whom He has not forgotten nor abandoned.  So long as that client nation remains aligned with His will, it will enjoy protection and blessing beyond what its populace collectively deserves.

 2.    When the client nation reverses its course, during the process of its reversion, there are those of its citizenry who remain faithful to God’s purpose and will.  The true history of the world turns upon this pivot of faithful believers.  God continues to bless that client nation, even in its reversion, for the sake of that pivot of believers—a part of whose Divine blessings is the continuance of their nation’s prosperity, far beyond what its populace collectively deserves.

 3.    When apostasy and national reversion have become widespread enough and the pivot of faithful believers has diminished sufficiently, God will judge that nation, even to the point of withdrawing His blessings and that nation’s status as a client nation.  Then the nation’s citizenry will begin to suffer as it never has before—even while God continues to individually bless and protect the faithful few that may remain.  At this point the nation will progressively begin to experience exactly what its populace collectively deserves.

We were at stage 1 from the inception of our nation.  We began the process of reversion in stage 2 probably sometime in the late 19th century, continuing past the mid 20th century.  Now I fear that we are fully mired in the tar pit of stage 3.  We are far beyond the point where we can trust that the political process will raise up a leader who will turn us from our present course toward destruction.  From a strictly human standpoint I do not see much hope for a turnaround in the heart and souls of our fellow citizens, apart from severe national discipline from God.  But that is strictly my own viewpoint.

 From a Divine perspective, our hope must return to where it always should have been—in the Lord.  If, as Christians, we will continue in the purpose and will of the Lord by: 1) learning His purpose and will by studying His word the Bible, 2) believing what is contained therein, 3) applying it in our daily lives, and 4) proclaiming it through our lips and our lives to our neighbors that they may also get into His will for their lives – then God might yet extricate us from the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.  At the very least, He will walk with us through the many shadowed valley if we must share in the suffering that our nation—at this point at least—seems destined to endure.               

                                                                                                                                                                                        12 February 2008

                                                                                                                                                                                             Baytown, Texas