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Christian top1000 website hacked

Untitled-1The Christiantop1000 website has been hacked. Warning: Graphic and disturbing in nature. It’s claimed by “Hacker Libya!”

In Arabic roughly translated (by Google Translate) it had “We Andei protection .. We seek to break the protection”

2nd line of Arabic “A breach”

3rd line of arabic “By”

4th line “Was to penetrate the server Kaaaml .. Ha .”

5th line “Remember Dear Customer # law Aihami dupes”

6th line “Site has been breached to the eyes”

7th line “black cat”


We have been unable to contact ChristianTop1000 should anyone hear from them or contact them please let us know.

Take this as a warning to Christian System Administrators to BACKUP and do all you can to secure your systems. gets attacked from China, and Russia DNS a few times a month. 95% of the comment spam on the GJCN network comes from .ru domains.

We do what we can, but the best solution is always have a backup of web files and database and keep them updated and at the ready.