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Have We Forgotten God? The Current Spiritual State of the Nation

By Jack Heckathorne

America, since it inception, has been different than any other country in history. We are a nation, barely two hundred and thirty years old, and yet in our first century became the richest, most powerful and influential nation the world has ever known.

Our land has produced many natural resources such as iron ore, oil and gas, and timber which were seemingly vital to our success in becoming a world power. However, in later years it has been discovered that many other countries have as much, or more, natural resources as America has ever had. So, the obvious question is, why did they not become world powers considering the fact that they are much older than America?

America did not become the world power because of its natural resources. America became a world power because of its faith in, and reverence toward God. Its people were mainly Christians who desired to not only live in freedom, but to have religious liberty for everyone, free from the religious bigotry of Europe.

God has given every person alive a free will, to choose for or against Jesus Christ. With religious liberty built into their constitution, Americans chose Christianity as it main faith. However, others were welcome with no persecution allowed from the government. Congress was prohibited from even passing a law to establish a religion, and it was also prohibited from telling any American that he could not freely exercise his religious faith in whatever way he wanted to.

This arrangement should make everyone happy because everyone has the right to believe and worship anyway he wants to, or to not believe and not worship. This is free will. Everyone has a free will and our government was designed to allow that free will to be expressed.

But what do we see happening in our country now? We see the Supreme Court telling Christian people that they are not allowed to express their religious faith through prayer, public speaking, displaying the Ten Commandments, or in other ways. The constitution does not only tell the government to be neutral regarding religious matters, it tells them to stay out of it. But why is this happening? We often forget that Satan-the most powerful creature in existence next to God-wants to be a god himself.

Satan’s Five “I wills”
“But you said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars (angels) of God, and I will sit on the mount of the assembly in the recesses of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the most high.” (Isaiah. 14:13-14)

In order to become his own god, Satan must destroy knowledge of the true God and exalt himself before men. To this end he has infiltrated our government, our churches, our institutions of learning, our press, and every other place where we might learn truth. He has replaced truth with his own doctrines of lies. Over time, people who have little or no true knowledge of God’s word, have bought into these lies, and therefore, they have turned away from God, and toward Satan.

Naturally, such people would want to keep others from knowing the truth in order to serve their master. Many people are serving Satan, and don’t even know it. They make a great effort to blind the eyes of people to truth in an effort to prevent people from becoming followers of Christ.

The greatest infiltration of Satan and the place where you would least expect to find deceit is in Churches. Not all of them, but many have allowed Satan to do his work through their teachings or their lack of teaching. There are many false things taught in churches today when compared to the Bible.