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Conditioning continues

Flu_Shot_2008_1The word conditioning is a psychology word which means “A process of behavior modification by which a subject comes to associate a desired behavior with a previously unrelated stimulus.”

This is going on in many places in the world for the conditioning of the mark of the beast. One I’d like to show you is with the flu shots. It’s sounds harmless enough, but look at how they use it.

TriHealth fires 150 employees for not getting flu shots
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Here 150 employees were fired for not getting a flu shot. Now I’m sure the excuse is wonderful they don’t want people getting the flu, what they won’t tell you is that the ones who get the flu shot are more likely to get the flu. So out of these 10,800 employees it’d be interesting to see how many get the flu.

But the quick point is that the conditioning is there. The dictatorship style of forcing people to do something many wouldn’t want to do, or else. In this case you simply lose your job. Later in the tribulation when you don’t take the mark, you’ll lose your life. You won’t be able to buy, sell etc.

Now many people believe the flu shot is a good thing. Well it can work only as long as the session’s flu is the same type your injected with. However in many cases it’s not. But they are still putting into your system a deadly virus. While you may think that’s ok let’s look at another virus and ask if you’d put that into your system as well.

How about a lentivirus shot? Would you let a doctor pump HIV into your system in the name of keeping you from getting it? No you say? Then why do you get a flu shot? Think back, how many times did you get a flu shot and then got the flu?

I’ve had the flu once as a child, and have never had it as an adult. I also never get flu shots. Trust the Lord and not man or man made devices. Trust the Lord.